Innovative Ocular Drug Delivery Systems

10:45 - 11:20

  • Visual impairment and blindness are potentially the most devastating health problem worldwide.
  • Drug delivery to the eye is challenging due to the extremely delicate nature, relative inaccessibility, and barrier properties of ocular tissues
  • Topical and systemic routes of ocular drug delivery result in low or sub-therapeutic drug levels; drug delivery implants need surgical implantation.
  • Injections into the eye using conventional hypodermic can provide direct access to the target tissues. However, this method is highly invasive and causes considerable discomfort, pain and associated with a number of side effects.
  • We are working on innovative devices to allow minimally-invasive means of drug delivery to the eye. And, on formulations to allow us to maintain constant drug levels for long-term thereby avoid issues associated with frequent administration.

Thakur Raj Singh, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, Queen's University Belfast