Solution Spotlight with Portal Instruments Transforming the Patient Experience with a Novel Needle Free Drug Delivery Device

3/13/2018 14:25 - 15:00


Delivering high viscosity, high concentration biologics is a challenge for the biopharma industry. Injections are slow, painful, and patients dislike needles, leading to sub-par adherence rates for these treatments. Portal is transforming this patient experience with a needle-free device that is computer-controlled, easy to use, and fits into the patient’s life. The device platform is viscosity agnostic and can be used seamlessly across a vast portfolio of injectables. The Portal cartridge was developed in collaboration with Gerresheimer of Germany and is easily pre-fillable with standard fill/finish lines compatible with the nest and tub format.

  • In injectable therapies, the drug delivery device embodies the experience that a patient has with a treatment.
  • There is a competitive advantage for pharma companies who understand this paradigm and are able to market a drug / device combination product that is intuitive, easy to use and reliable
  • Portal Instruments has developed a needle free drug delivery device that transforms the patient experience as no sharps are used to perform an injection.
  • The Portal device is computer controlled and automatically detects and adjusts for the drug volume and viscosity. Drug developers can use this feature to widen the range of design parameters available to them.

Patrick Anquetil, CEO, Portal Instruments