Networking Lunch

12:45 - 13:45




Lunch and Learn Roundtable with Leon-nanodrugs GmbH
Innovative precipitation nanotechnology – bringing added value to product development and patients


  • Poor water solubility of majority of marketed therapeutics is a major challenge for sufficient bioavailability
  • Nanotechnology provides a solution to overcome the issue of poor solubility
  • Nano-formulated products can lead to added values for patients
    - GREATER FLEXIBILITY (no food effect, dosing) 
    - SAFER (dose reduction, less side effects, substitution of toxic/allergenic ingredients) 
    - BETTER ABSORPTION (faster onset of action) 
    - MORE CONVENIENT (improved route of application, dosage form, storage/stability)
  • MJR® Technology platform: a tool for the development and production of pharmaceutical drug products based on nanoparticle & nanoemulsion solutions
  • Examples of the use of MJR® Technology in product development

Wolfgang Beier, CSO, Leon-nanodrugs