A sample of the 2020 attendees

"Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Associate Profesor
3P Innovation, Managing Director
3P Innovation, Project Group Manager
3P Innovation, Business Development Director
A. Menarini Research & Business Service GmbH, Project Coordinator
A. Menarini Research & Business Service GmbH, Project Coordinator
Abbott GmbH & Co. KG, CMC Programme Manager
Abbott Laboratories GmbH, Analytical Scientist
Abbvie, NCE Formulation Sciences Senior Scientist
AbbVie, Senior Scientist
AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Associate Director, Formulation Sciences
AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Head of HTS Operations & Analytics
Ablynx, Scientist
Adamed Pharma S.A., Head of Preformulation Dept
Adamed Pharma S.A., Head of Formulation and Technology Dept
Adare Pharmaceuticals, Technology Development Director
Adare Pharmaceuticals, Specialist Marketing EU
ADOCIA, Senior Research Scientist
Advance Pharma (Aristo Group), Head of Manufacturing
Aguettant, Innovation Project Manager
Albumedix, Director of Market Development & Communication
ALK, Senior Chemist, Analytical lead
American University of Madaba, Professor
Amgen, Scientist
Angelini ACRAF s.p.a., Pharma Formulation Development Manager
Angelini ACRAF s.p.a., Head of Innovative Drug Delivery Technology and Preformulation
Aptar Pharma, Vice‑President ‑ Analytical, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs
Aptar Pharma, Area Sales Manager, UK and Northern Europe
Aptar Pharma, Vice President
Arcinova, Head of Drug Product and Scientific Direction
Arcinova, Senior Director of Business Development, Europe
Arcinova, Business Development Associate, Europe
Ardena, Director Formulation and Production
Ardena, Director Business Development
Arecor, Formulation Scientist
Aristo Pharma GmbH, Project Manager Pharmaceutical Development
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PhD student
Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH, Technical Marketing Manager
Asahi Kasei India, General Manager
Astrazeneca, Senior Principle Scientist
AstraZeneca, Chief Scientist New Therapeutic Modalities
AstraZeneca, R&D Associate II
AstraZeneca, Associate Principal Scientist
Astrazeneca, Senior R & D Manager, Early Stage Formulation Sciences
AstraZeneca, Vice President, R&D, (External Innovation & Novel Tech: Drug Delivery, Digital Devices, ADC, Nanomedicine)
Bachem AG, Business Development Manager
Bachem AG, Group Leader Sales Generics
Bacoba AG, Pharma Product Development & COO
BASF, Development Pharma Solutions
BASF, Global Strategic Marketing Manager BASF Pharma Solutions
BASF, Head of Technical Service Europe, Pharma Solutions
Bausch Health Companies Inc., Project Manager
Bausch Health Companies Inc., Head of Formulation Development
Bausch Health Companies Inc., Head Stability Testing R&D
Bavarian Nordic A/S, Senior Scientist, Process Development
Baxter, Research Manager
Bayer, Laboratory head in Formulation Development Parenterals
Bayer, Head of Drug Delivery Innovation
Bayer AG, Quality Manager / Global QA Drug Product External Operations
Bayer AG, Director Nonclinical Safety CC
Bayer AG, Senior Expert Physics & Systems
Bayer AG, Category Lead Medical Devices
Bayer AG, QA Manager Combination Products
Bayer AG, Medical Device Development
Bayer AG, Procurement Pharma
Bayer AG, Head of PS Quality / Project Office Medical Devices
Bayer AG, Pharmaceutical Technology Scout
Bayer Animal Health GmbH, Lab Manager Formulation Technology
Bayer Animal Health GmbH, Lab Head Pharmaceutical Development
Bayer Animal Health GmbH, Lab Manager Analytic
Bayer Oy, Expert Scientist
Bayer Oy, Senior Expert and Team Leader
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Sr. Manager Medical Devices / Combination Products Development
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Head of Parenteral Packaging & Pharma Devices - Procurement
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, API Procurement Manager
Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Senior Expert Digital Solutions
BENEO, Head of Sales Pharma
BENEO, Head of Business Development
Bilim Pharmaceuticals, Formulation Development Executive
BILIX, Chief Development Officer
Biogen, Senior Device Quality Engineer III, Device Development Quality
BioNTEch RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH, VP RNA Formulation &Drug Delivery
BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Scientist
BMS, Research Fellow
Boehringer Ingelheim, Human Factors Manager
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Protein Science
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Director Formulation Development
Cambridge Consultants, General Manager - Business Development Global Medical Technology Practice
Cambridge Consultants, VP, Global Medical Technology Division
Cambridge Design Partnership, Senior Healthcare Innovation Consultant
Cambridge Design Partnership, Head of business development, Drug Delivery
Cambridge Design Partnership, Head of Regulatory
Captisol, a Ligand technology, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
Captisol, a Ligand technology, Vice President, New Product Development
Cardiff University, Professor of Membrane Traffic and Drug Delivery Director of Research Innovation and Engagement
CAS, Strategic Account Manager
CAS, Regional Director Europe and Africa
CAS, Strategic Account Manager
Celltrion pharma, Manager
CHIESI, Pharmacokinetic, Biochemistry and Metabolism Department
CKD Pharm, Research Scientist
Constellation Pharmaceuticals Inc, Senior Director, CMC
Credence MedSystems, Vice President of Business Development
Cristal Therapeutics, Senior formulation scientist
Croda, Research and Technology Manager
Croda, Market Applications Specialist
Croda, Account Manager
Crux Product Design Ltd, Engineering Director
Crux Product Design Ltd, Simulation Expert & Life Sciences Lead
Crux Product Design Ltd, Usability Design Lead
Crux Product Design Ltd, Programme Development Lead
CureVac AG, Scientist
Cyclolab, Research Chemist
DA VOLTERRA, Pharmaceutical Operations Manager
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH, Director
devie medical GmbH, Head of laboratory
DFE Pharma, Head of Sales DACH
DFE Pharma, Jr. Product Developer
DFE Pharma, Product Application Specialist OSD
DFE Pharma, Innovation Manager
DFE Pharma, Sales Director Biopharma
Disphar International B.V., R&D Project Manager
Disphar International B.V., Director R&D
DSM, Research
Eirgen Pharma, Formulation Scientist
Eirgen Pharma, Formulation Team Lead
Emergo by UL, LHS Research Manager
Emergo by UL, Senior Product/Service Specialist
E-Pharma Trento S.p.A., Pharmaceutical Science Manager
Eurofins CDMO, Pharmaceutical Development Manager
Eurofins CDMO, Senior Business Development Manager
EXCELLA GMBH & Co. KG, Project Manager Pharmaceutical Development
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Senior Scientist, Preformulation - Pre-Clinical CMC
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Senior Verification Engineer
Faculty of Pharmacy, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Ferrer, Formulation Development Senior Manager
Ferrer, Head of Pharmaceutical Development
Ferring SA, Senior VP GLOBAL R&D LCM
Fertin Pharma A/S, Senior Principal Program Manager
Foster Delivery Science, VP – Technology & Quality
Foster Delivery Science, Business Development Manager
Genepharm S.A., Formulation Development & Tech transfer Director
Genzyme a Sanofi Company, Product Specialist
Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Key Account Manager
Glatt Pharmaceutical Services, Head of Business Development
GlympseBio, Senior Scientist
Greenwich University, PhD Researcher
GW Pharmaceuticals, Scientist, Research and Development
GW Pharmaceuticals, Senior Manager, Research and Development
GW Pharmaceuticals, Product Development Senior Manager
H.Lundbeck A/S, Pharmaceutical Specialist
H.Lundbeck A/S, Pharmaceutical Specialist
H.Lundbeck A/S, Lead Specialist
H.Lundbeck A/S, Pharmaceutical Specialist
Halo Labs, Director of Marketing
Halo Labs, CEO
Helm AG, Senior Technical Project Manager
Helm AG, Head of Technical Project Management
Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS), Saarland University, Head of Department Drug Delivery
Ichnos Sciences, Deputy Director - Process Sciences
Ichnos Sciences SA, Research Officer – Formulation and Analytical Development
IDD, Project Manager
Imperial College London, PhD researcher
Indivior UK Limited, Manager, Formulation Development
InnoCore Pharmaceuticals, Chief Business Officer
InnoCore Pharmaceuticals, Chief Technology Officer
InnoCore Pharmaceuticals, Head of R&D
Innsbrueck University, Professor
Intec Pharma, R&D Project Manager
Intec Pharma, VP Technology Affairs
Intertek Melbourn, Business Development Manager
Intertek Melbourn, Business Development Executive
Intertek Melbourn, Formulation & Manufacturing Lead
INVITE GmbH, Head of Formulation Technologies
IPMA, Project Manager Life Sciences
Ipsen Biopharm limited, Formulation Scientist 2
Ipsen Biopharm limited, Scientist 2
Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics
Janssen, Scientist Formulation Science & Technology (FST) Dep. Drug Product Development
Janssen Pharmaceutica, Scientific Director
Janssen Pharmaceutica, Head and Scientific Director, Liquids & Parenterals
Janssen Pharmaceutica, Material Scientist
Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, Associate Director, Drug Product Development
Janssen R & D, Project Leader - Clinical Release and Stability
Johnson and Johnson, SI
Kedrion, Analytical Development Manager
Kinderarznei, CEO
King’s College London, Chair of Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine, Professor of Drug Delivery & Nanomedicine
Kymab Ltd, Team Leader - Drug Product Development
Lek d.d., Senior Scientist
LEO Pharma A/S, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Design & Development hos LEO Pharma, R&D CMC and Devices
LEO Pharma A/S, Senior Scientist, Biopharmaceutical Products
LEO Pharma A/S, Principal Scientist
Leukocare AG, Scientist
Leukocare AG, Manager Business Development, Marketing & Sales
Leukocare AG, COO
Lipid Systems sp. z o.o., Scientific Director
Lipid Systems sp. z o.o., Vice President
Lonza Pharma & Biotech, Senior Fellow, Research
Lonza Pharma & Biotech, Manager, Business Development
Lubrizol Life Science Health, EMEA Business Director
Lubrizol Life Science Health, Loxley Consulting
Lubrizol Life Science Health, EMEA Pharma Account & Business Development Manager
Lubrizol Life Science Health, EMEA Marketing Manager
MEDICHEM, Pharmaceutical Development Scientist
MEDICHEM, Pharmaceutical Development Scientist
MedPharm, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development
MedPharm, Senior Business Development Manager
MedPharm, Director of Projects
Merck, Director Analytical Sciences
Merck & Cie, Business Development Manager Formulation and Drug Delivery
Merck Healthcare KGaA, Head of Search & Evaluation -CMC and Early Development
Merck KGaA, Head of Solid Formulation R&D
Merck KGaA, Technical Product Manager – Liquid Formulation
Merck KGaA, Technical Product Manager Biodegradable Polymers
Merck KGaA, Head of Drug Carrier R&D
Merck Serono, Laboratory Manager - Drug Product Development
Merz Pharma GmbH & Co. KGaA, Germany, Senior Vice President Global Technical Operations
MSD, Associate Principal Scientist
Munit SA, Business Development Manager
NANDASI Pharma Advisors GmbH, Founder
NanGenex Inc., Head of Laboratory
Nanoform, Commercial Officer
Nanoform, Commercial Associate
Nanomol Technologies, Technology Transfer & Business Development Director
Nanomol Technologies, R&D Director
NeuroDerm, Head of pharmaceutical research
Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG, Pharmaceutical Development Pharmacist
Novaliq GmbH, Formulation Development
Novartis, Human Factors Engineer
Novartis, Human Factors Team Head
Novartis, Senior scientist BPD DPD Operational Sciences
Novartis, CGT DP Lead
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Global Head of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling
Novartis Pharma AG, Distinguished Fellow
Novo Nordisk, Vice President, Device Development
Novo Nordisk A/S, Corporate Vice President
Novo Nordisk A/S, Research Scientist
Novo Nordisk A/S, Senior Research Scientist
Novo Nordisk A/S, Chemist at New Product Introduction
Novo Nordisk A/S, Research Scientist
Novo Nordisk A/S, Associate Scientist
Novo Nordisk A/S, Research Scientist
Novo Nordisk A/S, Associate Scientist
OmniVision GmbH, Head of R&D
OmniVision GmbH, Consultant
OnDrugDelivery, Publisher
Osaka University, Guest Professor
PCI Pharma Services, Director of Scientific Affairs
Pensatech Pharma GmbH, Founder
Pensatech Pharma GmbH, Founder
Pensatech Pharma GmbH, Manager Business Development
Pensatech Pharma GmbH, Director Research & Development
Pensatech Pharma GmbH, Manager Solid Oral Dosage Forms
Pfanstiehl Inc., General Manager, EMEA
Pfanstiehl Inc., Business Development Director
Pfizer, Scientist
Pfizer, Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences
PharOS Pharmaceutical Oriented Services Ltd, R&D Director, Managing Partner
PharOS Pharmaceutical Oriented Services Ltd, Product Development Manager
Pieris Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Scientist Formulation Development
Pion, Senior Director of R&D
Pion, Southern Europe Sales Executive
Pion, Northern Europe Sales Executive
PLIVA Croatia Ltd., Principal Scientist
PMC Isochem, Business Development Senior Manager
PMC Isochem, Strategic Business Development Director
Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L., Chief Technical Officer
Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L., Business Development Consultant
PureTech Health, Senior Associate
PureTech Health, VP, Drug Discovery
Queen’s University Belfast, Research Fellow
Queen's University Belfast, Research Fellow
Quotient Sciences, Client Engagement Manager
Quotient Sciences, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Science
Quotient Sciences, Senior Director, Business Development
Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE), Principal Scientist
Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE), Department Head- Products and Formulations at Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering
Roche, Human Factors Engineering, User Experience & Tangible Interface Design
Roche, Sr. Group Leader, Early-Stage Pharmaceutical and Processing Development
Roche, Section Head Product Care Device and Packaging Development
Roche, Section Head Product Care Device and Packaging Development
Roche, Head of Drug Delivery, PTD Biologics Europe
Röchling, Sales Manager
Roquette, Global Technical Developer
Roquette, Global Market Manager
Roquette, Global Tech. Applic. Specialist
Roquette, Biopharma Senior Scientist
Sandoz, Principal Scientist
Sandoz GmbH, Team Leader PD1
Sanofi, Simulation Engineer
Sanofi, Global Head of Pharmaceutical Engineering
Sanofi, Global Regulatory Affairs Biologics Center CMC Interface
Sanofi, Global Head Design Development & Innovation IA/ Medical Devices
SANOFI R&D, Laboratory Manager
SANOFI-AVENTIS, Director CMC & Biologics Sourcing & External Business
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Head of Global Allergy Category, New Product Development
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Group Leader of Industrialization at Pharmaceutical Sciences Operations
Schrödinger, Senior Account Manager
Schrödinger, Senior Account Manager
Schrödinger, Senior Scientist II
Schrödinger, Fellow
ScinoPharm Taiwan, Manager of Pharmaceutical development
ScinoPharm Taiwan, Group Leader of R&D
selectION Therapeutics GmbH, Chief Scientific Officer
Sensile Medical AG, VP Business Development
Sensile Medical AG, Business Development
Sensile Medical AG, Head Medical Affairs
SEQENS, Global Category Manager - Drug Delivery & Medical Materials
Sobi, Director of Drug Product Development
Sofotec GmbH, Group Leader
Square pharmaceuticals limited, Asssociate vice-president
Stearinerie Dubois, Technical Sales Manager France
Stearinerie Dubois, Technical Sales Manager
STRAGEN PHARMA SA, Pharmaceutical & Consumer Health Development Project Manager
Summit Therapeutics, Director CMC
Summit Therapeutics, Vice President, CMC
Takeda Oranienburg, Head Site Manufacturing Sciences
Takeda Oranienburg, Project Manager - Manufacturing Sciences
Taylor & Francis, Commissioning Editor, Expert Collection
Technische Universität Dortmund, Associate Professor
Technological University Dublin, Head of School of Science and Computing
The University of Texas at Austin, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics
Tillotts Pharma AG, Project Lead Pharmaceutical Development
TORRE ESTEVE, Pharmaceutical Innovation (InFa) Director
TU Dortmund University, Research Associate
TU Graz Austria, CEO/Scientific Director
TU Graz Austria, Professor for Patient Centric Drug Development and Manufacturing
UCB Pharma S.A., Head of Formulation and Process Development
UCL, PhD student
UCL School of Pharmacy, Pro-Vice Provost - Africa and The Middle East, Chair in Pharmaceutical Nanoscience
ULB, PhD Student
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, PHD Student
University College Cork, Professor
University College London, PhD Researcher
University of Bath, PhD student
University of Copenhagen, Professor
University of Fribourg, PostDoc
University of Greenwich, Head of Pharmaceutical Technology
University of Greenwich, Research Associate
University of Greenwich, Research Fellow in 3D Printing of Medical Devices
University of Groningen, Biomedical Research Scientist
University of Heidelberg, Professor and Dean
University of Helsinki, Researcher
University of Kent, Lecturer, Formulation Science Department of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Environmental Sciences
University of Nottingham, Research Fellow
University of Nottingham, Transitional Assistant Professor
University of Pécs, PhD student
University School of Pharmacy Marseille, Professor Assistant
Univerza v Ljubljani, Researcher
Upperton Pharma Solutions, Marketing & Communications Officer
Upperton Pharma Solutions, Founder and CEO
Uriach, Pharmaceutical Development Manager
Vectura GmbH, VP - Inhalation Technology
ViiV Healthcare, Technical Director
W. L. Gore & Associates, Market Development Manager
W. L. Gore & Associates, Business Development Manager
Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS., Director Inhalation R&D
Zentiva Group, a.s., Formulation scientist
Zentiva Group, a.s., Formulation Scientist
Zentiva Group, a.s., Formulation Scientist
Zogenix, Inc., USA, Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Product Development