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Adare Pharmaceuticals

Adare is a high-growth company with a long history of success from concept through commercialization. Our ability to create differentiated drugs guides the identification and development of the novel products in our pipeline and our acquisition strategy.

Our Goal is to be the leader in the development and commercialization of differentiated specialty products to improve the lives of patients whose treatment needs are not fully addressed by current medications.

Our Growth Strategy

  • Develop and expand our robust pipeline
  • Grow our microbiome franchise
  • Continue to build strong development and commercial partnerships
  • Execute strategic and disciplined acquisitions


Agilent Technologies Inc. is a technology leader in life sciences and diagnostics. Agilent has a strong focus on the Pharmaceutical space and provides analytical solutions to researchers ranging from sample prep to analysis.

The company has about 12500 employees globally and had revenues of $4.2 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Aplicaps by Clover (CDMO)

Aplicaps by Clover (CDMO) is one of the main Southern Europe softgels manufacturers for consumers health and pharmaceuticals products. Companies from +30 countries have trusted us to develop and manufacture their unique softgels. Our pillars: customer service, quality and innovation. Tailored/stock formulas. Bulk/finished products.

Armor Pharma

ARMOR PHARMA manufactures and markets 3 ranges of pharmaceutical grade lactose for all your applications:

  • ARMOR PHARMA™ lactose monohydrate : sieved & milled lactose
  • EXCIPRESS™ lactose for Direct Compression
  • EXCIPURE™ lactose for Dry powder Inhalation

Our state of the art industrial facility, located in Brittany, FRANCE, is in full compliance with pharmaceutical standards ( EXCiPACT, cGMP, GDP, PAT) and enables the production of lactose in line with pharmaceutical regulations: Ph-EU, USP-NF, and JP.

ARMOR PHARMA's ambition is to design solutions that best support customer's development. Our positionning reflects this philosophy, centred on a question that makes sense: "How would you like your lactose?"

For more information, or to tell us how you would like your lactose:


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Capsugel is a global leader in delivering high-quality, innovative dosage forms and solutions to its customers in the health care industry. The company Hard Capsule business offers customers the broadest portfolio of gelatin, vegetarian, and other specialized capsule technologies. Capsugel Dosage Form Solutions (DFS) business utilizes an array of proprietary technologies and specialized manufacturing capabilities to solve customers most pressing product development challenges, including bioavailability enhancement, modified release, abuse deterrence, biotherapeutic processing, and inhalation formulation. The company’s fast-to-clinic program streamlines product development from pre-formulation through clinical and commercial supply for finished dosage forms.

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Cambridge Design Partnership

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Datwyler Pharma Packaging International

Datwyler Sealing Solutions is a leading industrial supplier and a key player in the global health care world. Our state-of-the-art solutions for drug packaging and medical devices, build on over 100 years of experience. Within our health care offering and its three pillars Bio Care, Pharma Care and Med Care, we provide a unique range of products and services including the most advanced elastomer formulations, coatings, aluminum seals, and processing technologies. Partnering up with the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical companies, we are a vital link and stand by our mission to ensure all patient’s safety and improve patients’ lives.

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DFE Pharma

DFE Pharma is the global leader in excipient solutions. We develop, produce and market excipients for oral solid dose and dry powder formulations with a heritage in lactose, starch and superdisintegrants. With the addition of MCC to our portfolio DFE Pharma uniquely offers world's main excipient categories, unlocking potential synergies for you to increase your efficiency. Contact us on

Dow Pharma & Medical

Dow Pharma & Medical is a global leader in research, manufacturing and innovation of functional excipients, API’s and silicon-based technologies for medical device fabrication and pharmaceutical processing. It has the material science expertise and global market and regulatory experience to help customers deliver innovative solutions for healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow; bringing new products to market faster and extending product life-cycles. Whether you are creating modified release medicines, seeking to enhance the solubility of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for therapeutic effect, or simply looking for efficient wound care through soft skin adhesives, we can take you there.

Dow will highlight specific solutions on solubility enhancement:

– New possibilities using AFFINISOL™ excipients – exploring a platform of tailored polymers for solubility enhancement

Well-known brands for:

  • Solubility Enhancement
  • Modified Release
  • Taste Masking
  • Tablet or Enteric Coating
  • Binders
  • Stabilizers
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • Adhesives
  • Antifoams and Antifoam Simethicone Emulsions
  • Fluids, Emulsions and Dispersions
  • Topical Excipients
  • Topical Ingredients
  • Rubber and Elastomers
  • Tubing and Molded Assemblies

Enable Injections

Enable Injections is a late-stage startup company that has developed the enFuseTM wearable platform, a disposable wearable infuser that delivers high volume (up to 50 ml), high viscosity drug/biological products to the subcutaneous tissue. The system utilizes standard container closures (syringes or vials) to fill the infuser and can automatically mix solutions or solubilize lyophilized product if required. It is designed to be simple to use and discreet promoting convenience and comfort for a preferred injection experience for the user. Enable’s technology provides many differentiating advantages to both the user and bio-pharmaceutical company. Founded by medical device veterans the company has R&D, Operations and Manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Foster Delivery Science

Foster Delivery Science focuses solely on Hot Melt Extrusion and extrusion processes to blend client API’s with polymers for several possible purposes: Solubility and bioavailability enhancement; create local delivery solutions such as drug loaded films, implants and fibers; create delivery or release profiles; and capture the powerful mixing capabilities of twin screw extruders. Operating from our new GMP facility 75 minutes from Boston in CT, we provide formulation development services, scale up, clinical trial material and ready for GMP manufacturing.


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Harke Pharma

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Hovione is a global company with over 50 years' experience in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and Drug Product Intermediate development and compliant manufacture. With FDA inspected sites in U.S., Ireland, Portugal and China, the company offers integrated API and services in contract development and commercial manufacture of custom pharmaceutical molecules and drug product intermediates. Hovione is expert in particle engineering technologies to solve problems like poor bioavailability, patient acceptability or enabling optimal delivery by non-oral routes of administration. In the inhalation area, Hovione is the only independent company offering such a broad range of services. Hovione also undertakes the formulation development and clinical supply of the final dosage form to Phase II.

Leon Nanodrugs

Leon-nanodrugs GmbH (Munich) is a nanotechnology-based drug development company focused on development of novel oral and parenteral formulations and innovative drug combinations.

The proprietary and patent-protected MicroJetReactor Technology by leon-nanodrugs is a bottom-up approach for nano- and microparticle synthesis. Basis of the process is a continuous solvent / non-solvent precipitation that is performed under precisely controlled process conditions.

Build on its “network of expertise”, leon-nanodrugs can provide a 360 degree competence range – from concept to product approval.

Leon-nanodrugs proprietary MJR® Technology offers access to the next generation nano formulated drugs with added patient benefits and economical values for its partners and shareholders.

Losan Pharma

70% of the NCE´s have a certain problem (solubility, stability, bioavailability, variability) which limits their potential use. Losan is a privately owned company and has beside the conventional technologies a broad platform for innovative technologies like (i) Solubilisation technologies such as Nanoparticulate , HME-based or Amorphous Silica formulations with proven in-vivo results, (ii) Pellet/Coating technology for target release formulations (iii) Stick pack technology for high dose and convenience application (iv) OTC innovations. Our strategy is to help companies with the design and solutions of their specific API formulations needs. A strong analytical support (DoE, QbD, ivivc correlation,) completes our approach.

LTS Lohmann

LTS is the global leader in the development and manufacture of transdermal systems and oral thin films with additional innovative technologies in development. The products developed by LTS comprise a multitude of innovations, such as first and only patch for treatment of Alzheimer and the only patch against Parkinson’s and Restless-Legs-Syndrome, which is the first medication in the world available only as a patch.

The innovation capability of LTS led the way for oral thin film products on the market with the introduction of Listerine® Pocketpaks®, which dominate the North American market. LTS supports its cooperation partners from product inception through commercialization in our FDA approved facilities in Germany and USA.

More than 3,000 patents reinforce the top position of LTS group in development of its technologies.

LTS Lohmann services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Full product development
  • Clinical studies phase I-IV
  • Scale-up and process development
  • Commercial manufacturing

For transdermal therapeutic systems, topical patches and oral thin films (OTF)

Meggle Excipients & Technology

Merck KGaA

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, a leading science and technology company in life science, offers products used by pharma and biopharma companies to develop and manufacture drugs safely and efficiently. With the acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich, we now have the largest offering of products and services for formulations, actives and biotechnology processes. We provide excipients, APIs, complex API manufacturing services and critical raw materials to support all stages of the drug manufacturing process from research to industrial-scale production and quality control. Our products meet the highest purity standards with extensive documentation and services to assure regulatory compliance.


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Patheon is a leading global provider of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services. With approximately 8,000 employees across 26 locations around the world, Patheon provides a comprehensive, integrated and highly customizable set of solutions to help customers of all sizes satisfy complex development and manufacturing needs at any stage of the pharmaceutical development cycle.

Through its integrated global network of serving 70 countries, the company meets the needs of a breadth of clients, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical companies seeking expertise to bring their drug candidates from pre-clinical stages through clinical trials to commercial production and supply.


Quotient Clinical

Quotient Sciences is a drug development services organization, dedicated to accelerating the development of new drugs for patients around the world. We provide formulation development, clinical pharmacology trials, and clinical and commercial manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These services are provided either individually or as an integrated service offering via our Translational Pharmaceutics® platform, which is proven to shorten development timelines and reduce associated costs.

Our worldwide customer base includes leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in Europe, USA and Japan, ranging from large pharma to mid-size biotech.



Revox Sterilization Solutions

The REVOX® sterilization process uses a room-temperature vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) method that achieves exceptionally low chemical residuals and unsurpassed materials compatibility. The REVOX technology eliminates inefficiencies associated with pre-conditioning and lengthy post sterilization wait times. This allows REVOX to offer manufacturers a quick-turn, off-site sterilization service or cost efficient on-site, in-line processing. With the 3000L machine, or 417L, REVOX enables in-line sterilization, allowing companies to safely and easily integrate sterilization into a lean manufacturing process with no exhaust or other special infrastructure needed. In 2014 a Class II implantable device was granted FDA clearance with the REVOX sterilization process.


ROQUETTE “Improving well-being by offering the best of nature”

A family-owned Group serving customers globally, Roquette is a leader in specialty food ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients. The products and solutions developed by the Group deliver proven technological, nutritional and health benefits precisely tailored to the pharma, nutrition, food and selected industry markets. Roquette’s offer is produced from plant based raw materials such as corn, wheat, potatoes and peas.

Since its foundation over 80 years ago, the Group’s growth has been based on innovation, a passion for the job and a commitment to achieve. Roquette operates in over 100 countries, has a turnover of around 3.3 billion euros and currently employs more than 8,000 people worldwide.

Shin-Etsu Pharma & Food Materials Distribution GmbH

Shin-Etsu PFMD is the distribution organization of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. Japan and SE Tylose, Wiesbaden Germany and is registered in Wiesbaden. It is located at the Industrial Park Kalle-Albert in Wiesbaden. Together with our distributors, we are the exclusive business partners for our customers and multi national key accounts in the pharmaceutical- and the food industry.

SE PFMD manages a regional, centralized warehouse for all products to be able to supply the customers in Europe on short-term base whenever necessary. SE PFMD will manage logistic for customers in other regions independent from Shin-Etsu´s production sites. For our pharma customers we offer with our technical application lab the possibility to optimize their processes if required. Our products are covering a very wide range of applications and they fully comply with FDA, USP/NF, JP and EP requirements.

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Cellulose ether excipient is a pharmacologically inactive substance used as a carrier for the active ingredients in medication.

PHARMACOAT® – Water-Soluble Film Coating Agent
METOLOSE® – Binder and Thickening Agent
METOLOSE® SR – Sustained release agent for hydrophilic matrix system
L-HPC – Disintegrant with Binding Properties, Multifunctional Excipient
HPMCP – Enteric Coating Agent
Shin-Etsu AQOAT® – Enteric Coating Agent, Solid Dispersion Polymer
Tylopur® – Low- and high viscosity Hypromellose


Unchained Labs

Here’s the deal. We’re all about helping biologics researchers break free from tools that just don’t cut it. Unleashing problem-tackling products that make a huge difference in the real science they do every day. That’s our mantra, our promise and we own it.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc

W. L. Gore & Associates is a global materials science company dedicated to transforming industries and improving lives. Founded in 1958, Gore has built a reputation for solving complex technical challenges in the most demanding environments — from revolutionizing the outerwear industry with GORE-TEX® fabric to creating medical devices that improve and save lives to enabling new levels of performance in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and mobile electronics markets, among other industries. As a business initiative within the Enterprise, Gore PharmBIO Products develops high-performance, technology-driven products to better serve the global pharmaceutical, bioprocessing and medical device markets. All products in the Gore PharmBIO Products portfolio are tested and manufactured under stringent quality systems. These high-performance products provide creative solutions to our customers’ design, manufacturing, and performance-in-use needs.

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