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Q. What are the most common challenges and problems that your partners come to you with?

A. Our partners face various problems with assessment of protein stability at all stages of therapeutics development – from research to downstream processing and formulation. Traditional methods need large amounts of sample, with low viscosity, in a specified buffer, on top of using a fluorescent dye. They are looking for a high-throughput solution that provides quick results and that requires very little sample volume with little or no sample preparation.


Q. How can you help?

A. NanoTemper Technologies offers Prometheus, a single solution to help optimize the entire drug development process. With the simplest workflow and lightning-fast protein stability measurements, we enable our partners to achieve their end goal faster.

The Prometheus instrument uses nanoDSF technology to produce accurate, consistent stability and formulation screening results in the shortest amount of time possible. It’s strength is in detecting the smallest of changes in tryptophan fluorescence, this gives users a truly label-free assay. Prometheus also has the ability to quickly analyze up to 48 samples simultaneously no matter the viscosity and without the concern of varying protein concentrations – it’ll give accurate results whether a sample is measured at 250 mg/mL or a few µg/mL. Because Prometheus has such a high dynamic range, results from stability screening during early phases of therapeutics development, where only small amounts of protein are available, are as reliable as formulation screening campaigns in the later stages using highly concentrated samples.

The maintenance-free Prometheus platform can also be combined with an autosampler to provide an even higher throughput and fully automated protein stability analysis.


Q. Who should attend your session and what will they learn?

A. Every Project Manager R&D, Lab Head, Scientist and Scientific Associate is cordially invited to join the presentation by Dr. Anna Münch, Senior Application Specialist at NanoTemper Technologies. She will provide background information on this unique technology and show how leaders in biopharmaceutical development integrate nanoDSF in their workflow. Learn how to evaluate developability in early stages and how to predict long-term stability of biologics in formulation development. 



NanoTemper Technologies are talking on the morning of Day 3 in the Biologics Stream. Don’t miss:

Getting the Full Picture: Predicting Protein Stability Using Chemical and Thermal Denaturation

with Dr. Anna Münch, Senior Application Specialist, NanoTemper Technologies

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